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Yusuf's story

Two years ago, if you mentioned the word “school” around Yusuf, his shoulders would drop, he’d avert his eyes and become immediately panicked. Yusuf and his younger brother were born with a physical disability impacting both hands. In a school without accessible education, Yusuf felt like it was impossible for him to learn to write, and that made him anxious about learning in a classroom.  

Thankfully, Yusuf’s mother, Momina, had a plan. Momina went to an orientation and training day at the Christian Horizons Ethiopia community center in Bekoji. There, she saw children with different disabilities receive life-changing therapy, education, and support. 

Momina brought her two young sons to the community center, and they started physiotherapy and started attending weekend daycare services. After gaining some confidence and feeling accepted, Momina began to teach her sons how to write using both hands.

Sponsorship funds support individual children and community development, like the Bekoji community center. Seeing the possibilities of accessible education inspired Momina to find solutions for her children. 

Today, Yusuf goes to the formal primary school, and he loves it!  

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