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senior leadership

Janet Noel-Annable Profile Image

Janet Noel-Annable

Chief Executive Officer

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Angelica DeVos Profile Image

Angelica DeVos

Chief Financial Officer

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Eugene Versteeg Profile Image

Eugene Versteeg

Senior Vice President

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Jennifer Gleva Profile Image

Jennifer Gleva

Vice President of Human Resources

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Christian Otte Profile Image

Christian Otte

Vice President of Information Systems and Technology

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Dwayne Milley Profile Image

Dwayne Milley

Vice President of Operations

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executive directors

Paul Gillam Profile Image

Paul Gillam

Executive Director, Central East District, Ontario

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Irene Moore Profile Image

Irene Moore

Executive Director, Central District, Ontario

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James Palmer Profile Image

James Palmer

Executive Director, North District, Ontario

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David Petkau Profile Image

David Petkau

Executive Director, South District, Ontario

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Hilary Sandell-Atkins Profile Image

Hilary Sandell-Atkins

Executive Director, Saskatchewan

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Stefan Thomas Profile Image

Stefan Thomas

Executive Director, East District, Ontario

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Patty Vlaar Profile Image

Patty Vlaar

Executive Director, West District, Ontario

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Mark Wallace Profile Image

Mark Wallace

Executive Director of Organizational Culture and International Partnerships

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our board

Judy Eerkes

President & Chair

Mark Ghesquiere

Vice Chair

Beth Woof

Vice Chair

Harry Verburg


Tim Epp


Shelley Conliffe-Wiens


Priscilla Stephen


Clare Lebold


Richard Williams


Hoa Pearce


Tyler Bowman

Member at Large

Marty Robinson

Member at Large

Rebecca Evans

Member at Large