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Ryan and Skylar’s Story 

These days, Ryan is out and about in his community, selling produce at the farmer’s market on the weekends, going to the movies, and spending the day at Canada’s Wonderland. He loves that he has no bedtime, his own apartment, and support closeby if he needs it.  

I pretty much cook my own dinner, lunch, and breakfast.

This time last year, while Ryan was living with his sister and her family, he decided he was ready for a change. Ryan and his friend Skylar, another person using Karis services, began apartment hunting. Ryan told us that it wasn’t easy finding an accessible apartment for him, and they looked at five or six places before deciding. 

He said that while he lived with his sister, he learned that it’s a lot of work to take care of your own space. “I just had to work towards it,” Ryan said. He also mentioned that it’s better because he’s not alone – he has Skylar.  

“I pretty much cook my own dinner, lunch, and breakfast,” Ryan told us with a smile.
Living on his own has allowed Ryan to try new things, especially with his Passport funding. This year, he’s planning on playing golf and soccer, two sports that he’s never tried before.

Ryan gets to choose what his days look like, and he makes time for what is important to him, like having dinner at his pastor’s house, and spending more time alone. Ryan said, “It’s more freedom!” 

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