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Endenat's story

Endenat has always wanted to go to school, but being blind, it hasn’t always been easy. When Endenat was young, her father died in the civil war and her mother and sister moved to a new home, leaving Endenat to live with her aunt and her cousin in Bekoji. Endenat suffered from an eye infection that left her severely visually impaired, but that didn’t stop her determination for an education.  

“I was the only disabled child at my school, and there was no room for me,” Endenat told us. “I cried every day when I left school. And I did not go back for five years.”  

In 2017, Endenat joined our Child Sponsorship program and was introduced to inclusive and accessible education. Her new school gave her tools like a stylus and Braille books so she could learn in a classroom with her peers. 

The other funds from child sponsorship helped support her aunt and her cousin, providing the necessities and school supplies. Endenat’s family can now cover medical costs and home repairs and Endenat can focus on her education. 

“I’m not hopeless anymore,” Endenat said to us. 

She is very grateful for the continued support from the child sponsorship program and this year, Endenat is going into grade 10! 

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