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Bisrat's story

These days, Bisrat lives with his mother, Wegene in Asella, attending the Child Development Unit (CDU) run by our partners at Christian Horizons Ethiopia. Bisrat has been attending the CDU since 2018 - he is now 11 years old.  

Bisrat has multiple physical disabilities and when our partners at CH Ethiopia first met him, he was unable to walk and had limited function in his hands. After Bisrat was first born and his disabilities became evident, his father abandoned their family and Bisrat and Wegene had to move away from their home. Around the world, it is very common for families to split apart because of the stigma attached to disabilities.

The CDU is truly a place where Bisrat can thrive and expand on his God-given gifts. With teachers and classroom aids who are trained to work with children with disabilities, Bisrat is growing stronger physically and learning a lot.  In November 2021, Bisrat even began walking on his own! Today, he can walk with no support, and he loves to dance, even if he loses balance from time to time. He loves school and is friendly and funny with his friends and teachers. His favourite activities are football, arts and crafts, and puzzle assembly.   

Attending the CDU and receiving sponsorship funding has transformed Bisrat and Wegene’s lives. Wegene’s mental health has improved tremendously after attending family training offered through CH Ethiopia. With Bisrat in school, she can work to provide for her family at Arsi University as a dorm supervisor.  Inclusive education can be life-changing, for children and for entire families. Our partners in Ethiopia are working hard to ensure that children like Bisrat are given fair opportunities to learn, grow, and have fun with other kids in their communities.    

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