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V Rock and Darla

After a year of many changes, V Rock feels "footloose and fancy free" about how far she has come. One of V Rock's goals has always been to grow in independence, and this year, she moved in with Darla. V Rock and Darla can always count on each other to be there if someone needs to talk; they are each other's confidantes. 

This connection is important because V Rock and Darla live together through Host Family: the first support model of its kind, offered by Karis Disability Services in Saskatchewan. In this model, people with developmental disabilities are matched together with a family or person who shares common interests with them, and together, they experience life with and get the support they need.

Living more independently has been great for V Rock's confidence and self-esteem. She has made great strides, using Saskatoon's City transit system by herself to attend different appointments around the city.

After living with Darla for nearly a year now, V Rock has some new goals and a plan to achieve them all. V Rock began her classes in a nail technician course, and she has dreams of one day opening her own business. V Rock and Darla love a good party, and V Rock's move was celebrated by her parents, her brother, Darla's family, friends from her pottery class, and other people supported by Karis Disability Services. 

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